E books by Lyubomir Nikolov in Bulgarian language in Barnes and Nobel, iTunes, Diesel, Kobo, Sony ebook store

05 Jun

PayPal Bookstore / ПейПал книжарница:
Barnes and Nobel http://www.barnesand…ore=allproducts
SONY ebook store…yubomir+Nikolov
Diesel: http://search.diesel…yubomir+nikolov
KOBO http://www.kobobooks…yubomir+nikolov
Books by Lyubomir Nikolov:
Karoi – the Rope Walker/Short stories – Bulgarian edition/
Sunny Beach – code yellow /Humorous novel – Bulgarian and English edition/
Consciousness and Paranormal Phenomena/Scientific study – Bulgarian edition /
Beautiful; Till You Wake Up /Poetry – Bulgarian edition /
David’s Child  /Short stories – English edition/
Graffiti /Short stories – Bulgarian edition/
The Netizen /theatrical play – English edition/
Humorous Stories from Starshel / Humorous Stories Published in Newspaper Starshel  2007 – 2011 Bulgarian edition/
YouTube – My Love/Futuristic Novel – Bulgarian edition /
Now and Beyond/Theatrical Play – Bulgarian edition/
Wind and Other Feasts of Nature /theatrical play – Bulgarian edition/
Trumpeters /theatrical play – Bulgarian edition/
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