Lyubomir Nikolov lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. He holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the St. Kli­ment Ohridski Sofia University, and has done a specialization at the University of Warsaw. He has worked as a clinical psychologist at the Academy of Medicine and as a national coordinator of a EU project under the PHARE-LINE program.

His publications include several research papers in psychology, and short stories in numerous Bulgarian newspapers, magazines and anthologies. His collection of short stories Karoy the Rope-walker was published in 2009 and has been nominated for a national Helikon 2010 award and for the Bulgarian Book of the Year. He is a recipient of the Chudomir 2008 award, a LiterNet, Bukvite Foundation and other awards. His play The Netizen /Сега и Отвъд/ was nominated in May 2011 in National Playwriting Competition for Bulgarian drama in honor of Ivan Radoev.

Любомир Павлов Николов е роден през 1961г. в гр.София. Завършил  е психология в СУ “Климент Охридски”. Специализирал във Варшавския Университет.

Сборниците му разкази „Въжеиграчът Карой” и „Очи на сляп, език на болен” бяха номинирани за литературната награда „Хеликон” съответно през 2010 и 2012.  Носител е на наградата „Чудомир” 2008 и на други литературни награди.

Книги на Любомир Николов са публикувани в електронните книжарници на Айтюнс, Барнс и Нобел, Кобо и Амазон.


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